GEM - Rich Girl Remix - Stereo Stickman

GEM Rich Girl Remix


Easily one of the most likable and addictive pop-EDM tracks to emerge this year. Rich Girl (Remix) offers everything from a summer-time bounce of a beat to tropical synths, an intriguing concept, and a striking vocal-line that feels beautifully fresh yet slightly Ace Of Base-like in melody and style.

The building blocks are all set to craft something that appeals on a number of levels, and thanks to GEM’s fine balance between passion and professionalism, the resulting song more than delivers.

This is the kind of mainstream hit that could reach millions, yet with that it brings through just enough of those alternative qualities to give it an edge of interest and originality.

The melody is addictive, as is the rhyme scheme, both simple in nature but effective for their subtle intricacies. The melody cleverly walks the line between melancholic and bright, the chord progression toying with the lanes between minor and major. Meanwhile, the soundscape quickly grabs hold of you, taking over the room in a manner that provokes you to turn up the volume and purely ride the groove for a while.

Brilliant songwriting and a really well mixed, enjoyable new single. Well worth a few spins this weekend.

Download the music via iTunes. Find & follow GEM on Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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