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GASP Listen (Taste Your Colors)


Ethereal beginnings and warped vocal fragments pose a question of provocation and intrigue, as the uniquely genre-fusing, ambient yet haunting and aptly colourful Listen (Taste Your Colors) pours into the room.

GASP is the creative behind this psychedelic glitch project, a producer utilising everything from organic voices to retro synths and a plethora of rhythms and heavier bass moments, to essentially craft a unique yet immersive hit of escapism for music fans seeking something a little different.

Utilising the looping aspect renowned to dance and trip hop, alongside equal parts delicacy, distance, and intense distortion, Listen (Taste Your Colors) toys with the very art-form of sound-design – and in the process, toys with your head-space. The mid-section even injects a sudden influx of lyrical revelation and detail, before we revert back to the simplicity of that compressed kick drum and lingering vocal and synth notes.

Offering a notable balance between chaos and calm, Listen (Taste Your Colors) maintains its artistic integrity throughout a four-minute, twenty-three-second journey, whilst weaving in various threads of surprise or twists in the fabric; for that ultimately multi-coloured audio experience.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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