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Garry George Wilkes It’s Not Real


Garry George Wilkes leads with brilliantly poetic and fascinating lyrics on this latest release. While the presentation style is decidedly retro, distant sounding and tipping its hat somewhat to the likes of pop-rock legends from the sixties, the songwriting is notably refreshing, interesting throughout, and offers a likable, subtly memorable melody that’s easy to appreciate.

It’s Not Real is a song that takes on a common topic – that of difficulties in love, relationships – yet approaches it in a slightly new and deeply reflective manner. The opening verse lines draw you in for their sense of depth and originality, and later on – the melodic development, and indeed the calming lull of that simple, familiar chord progression, work well to create a comforting blanket of escapism.

Music fans who do indeed still find solace in the sound of The Beatles and Pink Floyd alike will almost certainly connect with the songwriting style and musicality of Garry George Wilkes. This release is well written, a pleasure to lose yourself within for a while, and a great introduction to an artist who writes from the heart and with a clear connection to the music that backs it up.

Download the music via iTunes. Visit Garry George Wilkes’ Website for more information.

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