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Gallows Hill How To Dance


Blending a clearly organic approach to songwriting – piano, vocals, emotional vulnerability – with a subtle hint of electro-pop, inspired by contemporary tones as much so as the more classic, dreamlike era of Morcheeba – Gallows Hill offer listeners a heart-warming, colourful new single to escape into this summer.

That organic touch is important, it gives the song a sense of realness – you can imagine the live performance, and a quick glance at Gallows Hill on social media indicates that solo acoustic deliveries are indeed part of the parcel. Alongside this though, the production here is superb, proving increasingly impressive as the track moves along.

Once the hook has dropped, there’s a later resolve that reflects let me hold you in my arms, and this warmth and acceptance is followed by a multi-layered, energising fusion of synths and riffs. You notice the beat, the rhythm and feel of the soundscape take the lead, and there’s a dash of something a little Seeb and Mike Posner-esque, somewhat dance-pop-like about the set-up.

Essentially bringing together contemporary selling points with a notably poetic, intentional and passionate hit of songwriting and performance, How To Dance is a beautiful single, and a fine introduction to the creativity and professionalism of Gallows Hill.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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