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Gabzriel Lightning


Gabzriel aims high and hits the mark perfectly with this single. Lightning is a track that feels classically smooth and soulful whilst also being quite clearly very relevant and cut from the sounds and styles of today.

To begin with, the ambiance has a dreamlike delicacy that backs up the increasing intensity of the vocal delivery in a calm and clever way. The beat has a mellow thickness, creating the ideal kind of groove to chill out to and to draw your focus to that stylish and strong leading voice. The beat also has a certain consistency about it, though this is really the only thing that remains the same. Gabzriel’s lyricism and meandering vocal melody vary and evolve immensely as the song progresses. Every line is captivating, and beautifully performed. Furthermore, that relevance is clear – the references deal with modern life in a manner that’s impossible to ignore or to not relate to in some way.

In some respects the verses feel like a freestyle, a stream of consciousness – flawlessly presented but relentless and energetic throughout, seeing the artist barely pause to catch his breath. The varied melodic style keeps things moving, keeps you involved and interested – it gives the track a sense of structure. And all the while, this cool, seductive, alternative RnB vibe burns brightly from start to finish; even leaning in something of a hip hop direction during the latter half. The lyricism intensifies, the pace quickens, and you feel the hit of the emotion and the moment – the lightning strike of it, essentially.

This is a huge track, blissfully easy to escape among and incredibly impressive and appealing in terms of Gabzriel being an artist to take interest in. There are bars here, clever lines and soulful deliveries, as well as a clear connection to the art form and to this musical soundscape. The perfect kind of vibe to see you through the remaining quarter of 2018.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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