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Gable You Got Me Like / Dopamine


Chicago showman and songwriter Gable continues to light up the indie pop realm, with a series of original singles and videos that underline his uniquely entertaining approach to modern music.

You Got Me Like is a natural ear-worm, blending a simple and catchy hook with a strangely captivating set of visuals and a strong blend of contemporary pop qualities and dance-pop production.

Offering a timeless chorus that quickly works its way into your head-space, You Got Me Like goes on to weave in verse lyrics of adoration and smooth, electro-kissed vocals that quickly bridge the gap between artist and audience.

Elsewhere the multi-talented Gable showcases his abilities as musician and live performer, with the likes of the riff-led groove and heartfelt warmth of the single Dopamine.

Backed by over 25 years of experience, playing both solo and in multiple bands and collaborative projects, Gable’s affinity for songwriting and crafting an enticing soundscape stand tall through Dopamine. The mellow presentation and quirky traits meet with infectious lines and hypnotic production, for an easy stand-out from a fast-growing repertoire.

Eclecticism within the pop realm is a key strength, and the rockier guitar traits of Feel it Too mark a fine example – still with that accessible Gable vocal at the forefront, and short, addictive melodies and lines.

Then on the flip side, tracks like How to Love adopt a more intimate, colourful yet acoustically-rooted moment of self-reflection and ballad-like wonder; easily a timeless Pop gem with a clear potential for various live presentations and remixes.

Drawing influence from a number of Pop legends, Gable’s catalogue of original music is forever versatile. Consider the familiarity and bounce of Strawberry Lips, the imagery and colourful nature, and continue through a swiftly expanding playlist, as Gable continues to reach more and more listeners across the globe.

Find Gable on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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