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GABE XO Relentless


Initially drawing appeal for the organic riff melody that introduces things in an emotive, musically engaging way, Relentless goes on to impress with a Lil Baby’esque level of depth and pace.

Blending intention and character alongside rap and melody, fusing fast-paced bars with a certain faultless rhythm and mellow ambiance – GABE XO weaves a unique storyline, and captivates with refreshingly insightful verses throughout this hypnotic and inspiring new single.

Featuring an aptly contemporary style from the vocal mixing to the beat, Relentless manages to keep things relevant yet fresh. Personality and truth lead the way, so the opening few lines immediately change your perspective and opinion of the artist – there’s something a little deeper here, more than first impressions allow, and this grows stronger throughout the poetic and revealing release.

Offering openness and unapologetic realness every step of the way, the vulnerability and drive combined introduce GABE XO in a likable manner. From love to ambition, brotherhood to self-empowerment, far from the usual modern references and familiar phrasings, Relentless has you hanging on every line. You find yourself repeating plays, wanting to capture every bar and moment, addictively listening so as to sing along the next time around.

Brilliant, seemingly simple yet complex on closer inspection, and increasingly impressive. Hopefully there’s plenty more where this came from.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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