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G-Nykko I’m Yours


Taking things back to the bare essentials of smooth Soul and RnB, LA songwriter and artist G-Nykko delves into romantic longing, with expressive vocals and catchy melodies, for I’m Yours.

Featuring a classic set-up of nostalgic rhythm and bass elevated by layers of guitar and keys, I’m Yours then follows our leading vocalist through a distinct performance of intimate and endearing lyrics. Meanwhile we’re gifted layers of additional voice, harmonies and simple tuneful ad-libs, the likes of which create a calming overall vibe and also add a notably memorable thread that lingers indefinitely after listening.

Somewhat walking the line between accessible Pop and the more freestyle presentations of the underground, I’m Yours showcases the uniquely performative nature of G-Nykko’s voice, authentic in its imperfect yet evocative meandering through the various sections of the song.

Promising a subtle yet likable groove and notably recognizable guiding voice, I’m Yours provides a late-night love song in unison with a lasting introduction to an artist clearly fearless and intentional as a modern songwriter. Hopefully there’s plenty more music on the way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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