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G.H. Hat Soft Breeze (Laber Bris)


This latest release from G.H. Hat is something of an audio revolution. The creative production on the track is gripping, from the moment it begins. The mood set by this fusion of retro and unexpected instrumentation has a stylish sort of darkness about it, which carries the music and the riffs and the energy of the piece through the air around you; not dissimilar to a soft breeze, though with an unexpected edge of industrial modernisation.

As the music progresses, the development of the sound becomes more familiar, more in keeping with what you begin to expect. There are definite sections – there’s a definite sense of structure, though it’s executed in a really original manner. These moments, the set up, the hook, as it were, are all comprised of these industrial, creatively explorative, atmospheric sounds, as opposed to distinct melodies or lyrics. It’s a mesmerising piece of music but at the same time it plays out in a genuinely satisfying manner – the way that any good, effective song or recording should.

As you follows the sounds and the notes and the beat along there’s a story to it all but it’s one that’s likely to form unique passages and ideas in every mind that is captured by it. The experience is brand new, hence the use of the revolution concept, but it quickly becomes accepted and enjoyable – a sign of a strong balance between creative experimentation and professional, experienced musical ability and production. Everything about the track is fresh and unusual, but the overall energy and ambiance created by it is easy to get into and a pleasure to witness. In many ways it makes for a four to five minute movie in your mind.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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