G-baby - Fake Love - Stereo Stickman

G-baby Fake Love


G-baby and the UK’s own Kamron Lord collaborate to creative results on this latest single. Fake Love offers a refreshingly spacious and lightly colourful soundscape, within which G-baby’s flow and sense of character emerges with impressive rhythm and quiet confidence.

The accompanying video for the release helps further the unexpectedly captivating nature of the whole thing, there’s a crisp finish and a series of simply fun and occasionally animated images to help separate this from the majority of indie hip hop releases of late.

G-baby’s laid-back approach to the art-form gives the track a certain calmness but with a subtly uplifting energy during the hook. At the same time, this lulls you into a comforting state of listening, so the lyrics cleverly stand out a little more thanks to this arrangement and set-up.

There’s plenty that seems familiar here lyrically, but also more than enough that feels a little more alternative and fresh. Flickers of personality come through, in both the video and the bars, and you get the feeling this is merely just a mildly mainstream taster of what’s to come. Hopefully that natural creativity plays a central role in future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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