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Future Cobain Teardrop$


Future Cobain’s Teardrop$ is a song that musically falls quite far from the Cobain-esque ambiance you might expect. More recently, the late Lil Peep was referred to in a similar way, and he touched on a similar sound – this mellow, dreamlike, down-tempo aura, upon which a mild use of melody and a spontaneous sense of expression can roam free. Much less than the music driving these comparisons, it’s the subject matter, the personality, the lifestyle. Future Cobain lets his lyrics, his ideas, pour through like a total stream of consciousness. In among this, certain snippets of melody and hook-like lines work hard to stand out and to grab your attention. The more you listen, the more the lifestyle starts to call. The entire Noirboy collection invites you to willingly tumble down precisely this kind of rabbit hole.

Teardrop$ as a single has a defiantly smooth vibe to it, not dissimilar to the likes of Post Malone. The music is dreamlike and gentle, the use of light instrumentation and reverb makes for a calming and sleepy sort of atmosphere. It’s easy to listen and let go, tracks like this have a certain comforting simplicity about them that just works. Future Cobain’s voice in addition is so softly delivered, almost whispered – his energy levels match the distant and thoughtful mood of the music really well.

The first time you listen it’s the soundscape as a whole that lets you escape, your own thoughts fill in the gaps and the moment is yours. After this, the third time you listen and beyond that, the lyrics start to reach out a little more. Future Cobain’s quiet voice takes time to make sure his words sink in, but with that comes a certain endearing quality, something that subtly demands your attention, rather than screaming for it. Teardrop$ is notably one of the more memorable, ear-worm tracks of this project.

Teardrop$ was produced by lxngshot. Check out Noirboy via Spotify. Find & follow Future Cobain on Instagram.

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