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Frida Farrell You Can’t Hurt Me No More


Frida Farrell’s striking new video details the harrowing true story of her experiences with sex trafficking. The title-track from a brand new independent film, Apartment 407, features clips from the story in its video, intermittently arranged around intimate and quiet shots of Frida herself declaring her new-found strength and ability to overcome.

Though the subject matter is incredibly painful, lines like I can conquer the world ultimately stand tall within the mix. As the energy rises, the music builds, Frida’s delivery becomes all the more passionate, and the song effectively moves from sadness to possibility within its short life-span.

The accompanying scenes keep the pain and twisted reality of the story at the forefront of the experience, reminding listeners that this is something very real for many people, still today. Frida’s attempt at starting a dialogue around this though, and inspiring those who’ve been through this kind of turmoil, is incredibly valuable, and the song is beautiful and honest in the way it addresses the topic.

Intended as a message of hope to other survivors or those currently stuck in this world, You Can’t Hurt Me No More speaks openly and emotionally, touching base on the issue of sex trafficking and reigniting the public’s awareness of it.

A powerful and all-too-real presentation, from a film that’s likely to be all the more immersive and poignant.

Frida Farrell’s film, Apartment 407, is available now on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Youtube. Find & follow her on Instagram.

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