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FreeTheGod T2D2 (Til the Day Done)


Hip Hop’s FreeTheGod ventures out towards creative pop-rock with this catchy and colourful new single.

Featuring a pop-punk-style guitar riff and organic drum lead, T2D2 delivers an expressive vocal that meanders in style and brings in both melody and rap for a true fusion of genres.

The soundscape ultimately presents something of an electro-pop vibe, simple and light, real instruments crafted within an electronic realm of production.

Vocally things hold close to an interesting back and forth, initially feeling mellow yet theatrical, later veering off towards the more mainstream hits of bands like Black Eyed Peas – an anthemic core that builds and builds.

Ultimately though, FreeTheGod has created his own sound here, and it works in being both relevant and fresh. Those emo-rap vocals pour through in a variety of ways, and the music has a catchy but alternative aura – a fine balance that leaves the song lingering in your mind indefinitely after listening.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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