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FREEDOLO Front (Feat. Skyler White & Kirkland Jaxon)


FREEDOLO’s collaborative release Front is a track that fuses beautifully the acoustic soulfulness of a guitar riff with some quickly addictive RnB melodies and a stylish trap beat. The layers are uncommon, but they work – the whole thing offers an immediately likable groove, one that feels partly organic and partly well-connected to the electronic tones of contemporary hip hop.

The track begins with that riff, followed soon after by the hook melody – a sort of mellow, simple performance, auto-tuned but still holding close to a unique vocal tone and level of personality. After this, the music kicks in full throttle, the warmth of the beat fills the room with enjoyable vibes – then you get the brief but fitting rap verse that adds further dynamic.

These changes are subtle but effective – the whole thing feels smooth and familiar in the overall vibe that it offers the room, yet there’s also a fair bit of creativity at work as well, so you can appreciate the fresh angle alongside of what is musically known to entertain and entrance. It’s a well-written track, achieving a fine balance between nostalgia and now, and keeping things calm and collected all the while.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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