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Freddy Zucchet We Need Water & Rain (Feat. Rudiger)


Emotively pairing ethereal sound-design with profoundly soulful vocals, Freddy Zucchet delivers a uniquely creative contemporary hit, with the aptly-topical We Need Water & Rain.

Intricately designed for a purposeful journey throughout, We Need Water & Rain follows a simple four-chord pattern, yet weaves in a powerful leading vocal and simultaneous threads of softer, whispered gospel-style voices. The piece then incorporates various dreamy layers of synth and subtle distortion as things progress.

It’s a fascinating style, melodically alluring in its recognisable warmth, but forever evolving in terms of the instrumental choices and the overall landscape of sound.

Ultimately the song’s lyrics are the driving force, and the hook does a fine job of reinforcing this – a catchy loop, repeating and repeating throughout the final quarter in particular, as the passion and surrounding layers increase and peak, before everything falls away.

Poetic and powerful in its melodic and conceptual embrace, We Need Water & Rain is a decidedly impactful, memorable new single. Blending familiarity and freshness to a strong degree, the track paints a clear picture, and gets you singing along with the sentiments in the same instance. Well worth a listen.

Download or stream We Need Water & Rain here or visit Freddy Zucchet’s Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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