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Fred Argir No Pushover


Fred Argir’s new album is an explosive collection of classic and gritty rock tracks, poetic yet hard hitting, melodic yet heavy when necessary.

Beginning with the immediately impactful Beggar’s Anthem, Argir’s sound pours through with a nostalgic purity that seems all but missing from the modern rock sound. There’s an anthem-like, near driving-ballad sort of aura to the song, particularly the vocal. Argir rises up from softness to intensity, and the soundscape effectively supports this, showcasing the progressing stages of the lyrics in a powerful and fitting way. And this is where things get all the more interesting.

While there’s an accessible and relatable quality to the sentiments, Fred has taken to exploring these in an again classically rooted manner, giving the whole song a poetic undertone that intertwines beautifully with the developing power of the music.

This kind of style can be found in varied fashions throughout the project. Always the drums and the guitars cascade in a refreshing and genuinely creative yet raw manner, which appeals for its realness, and reminds you that a live show is undoubtedly where things would really come alive.

Check out the music via CDBaby or visit Fred Argir’s Website or Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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