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Frankly Austyn Club Nova


Introducing a two-track release with an aptly other-worldly core – Club Nova unites cinematic detailing with conceptual intention and heavy, immersive musicality.

Frankly Austyn, in collaboration with Solstice, undoubtedly brings a level of creativity to the scene with this project that’s quickly refreshing. Astronaut is the opener, taking its time to set the mood with vocal theatre and intricate sound-design, before evolving into a genuinely impressive hip hop and RnB realm with a uniquely weighty, bass-driven soundscape.

Welcome elements of EDM, vocal distortion, rap, melody, experimentation and simple hook satisfaction – all of which proves more and more interesting as things progress.

There’s a contemporary edge to the music, giving it a strong chance at a broader audience right now, but there’s also plenty that’s new and unpredictable – and this makes all the difference.

Club Nova follows on with the same kind of unexpected, impossible to pigeon-hole artistry. Heavy bass-work drives again, a haunting aura, then a poetic outpouring that’s honest and rhythmically addictive.

A little The Weeknd-like in its long-form melodic outpouring and the late-night subject matter, the track furthers Frankly Austyn’s reach for its realness and the raw manner in which the issues within are presented.

Great production, consistently intriguing sound-design, and an artist uninhibited by expectation or industry standard. A brief yet engaging project. Well worth a listen.

Download or stream the release here. Check out Frankly Austyn on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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