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Frankie Flowers Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending


Introducing the indie rock fuzz of a simpler era, heavy and hypnotic, immediately immersive and welcoming – Frankie Flowers ignites the anthemic sound of yesteryear alongside a clearly contemporary, poetic and melodic edge.

Increasingly proving as catchy as it is emotionally engaging and dreamy to escape into, Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending emerges like a timeless, addictive indie hit – the sort we might soon encounter as the soundtrack to some new film or TV show.

In its own right though, the build up, the tumble of the drums, the personal touch carefully blended with accessible vagueness for lovers far and wide to feel a resonance with – the song just urges you to turn up the volume. And at the earliest possibility, a live show is a must.

Organic indie rock with delicate yet honest vocals guiding us through a gritty but partly shoegaze-kissed arena of romance and musical embrace. Well worth a listen, with an equally retro set of visuals to back up the storyline and set the mood accordingly.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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