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Franki Different Place EP


Heavy yet melodic electronic rock production meets with soulful, expressive and cleanly mixed long-form vocals, to kick off an emotive and energising new EP from songwriter Franki.

The aptly-titled Different Place fires up with the addictive and honest SOMA – revealing in lyric, immersive in style, blending the performative presence of pop with a fiercely hypnotic and ethereal production angle, for an ultimately engaging listen that’s both original and catchy.

Faultless vocals meander throughout this EP, from the quiet and contemplative, to the boldly passionate during the power and appeal of each hook.

Consider the shift for Constant Pressure, suddenly funk and bass-led, softer vocals more distantly mixed, more of that dreamy production overall but still the rise up to an essential peak that’s more sultry yet still passionate and catchy.

In some ways there’s an air of pop being remixed for the late-night rave crowd, but as the EP goes on the identity of the sound proves true to Franki’s musicality and intention, and it works well. Stylishly alluring yet also showcasing vulnerability and truthful purpose in topic, this EP effectively unites the singer-songwriter approach with the precision and weight of dance.

24 Hr Heartbreak has a retro flavour on first listen – the eighties drum-line and the melody, the hook resolve – yet then we get the uncertainty and longing of the lyrics; an unexpected twist, which again proves true to the Franki realm.

The title-track wraps things up with a smooth flavour, distorted guitar line, and seductive vocal movement. Familiar in tune, highlighting the versatility and capability of that voice, also injecting more of the soul-funk aspects that appeared earlier on.

Ultimately a brief yet striking EP of summer anthems, with the potential for both heavier remixes and stripped-back acoustic performances to shine further light on the Franki sound and style. Well worth escaping into this season.

Check out Franki on YouTube, Instagram or the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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