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François Bessing Choices (Feat. Soweto Gospel Choir)


Building up beautifully and featuring the vocal delicacy and embrace of Soweto Gospel Choir, François Bessing’s new single Choices stylishly unites the classical and pop realms with a song that brightly and boldly celebrates unity, love, and possibility.

Leading with a powerful, immersive and organic introduction – soaked in strings and gentle vocal warmth – Choices goes on to evolve into pop territory with a clean-cut vocal lead and multiple layers of subtle electronic sound play.

The structure of the song is particularly unique, this back and forth between space and fullness – orchestral weight and simple electro-pop colour. Ultimately though, this allows the song to build so effectively – to increasingly gather momentum, as the passion rises and the layers meet and multiply.

Bessing’s voice effortlessly carries the power of the progression as a lead, and the additional voices inject a breathy, soulful accompaniment, which works as a further instrumental support – in line with everything from the strings to the guitars to the rhythm.

In its entirety, Choices feels like far more than a simple relationship song – theres’s a depth to it, a certain relevancy to these times of struggle, and the balance between the two concepts works beautifully. The resulting song is a genre-fusing, cinema-ready extravaganza, with a strong potential to completely captivate a live audience.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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