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Formaneaux A Moment in Time


Artist and composer Formaneaux captures beautifully the precise sentiment implied by this project’s title. Leading with ambient, dreamlike layers, amidst flickers of distorted rock swagger, and a subtle yet definite sense of story-line and progression, A Moment In Time proves to be exactly this – a moment captured, never to be stumbled upon in quite the same manner again.

No Desire No Suffering starts things up, fusing organic and mildly tribal elements with a hit of distorted passion and meandering melody – giving off a sense of possibility and strong emotion, in line with the title concept.

Jamaican Flower follows and the rhythm feels almost identical, proceeding with skill yet changing the mood significantly. Delicate guitar work now introduces a thoughtful and reflective side to the musician’s work. Here we also get a vocal layer, whispered and breathy, distant and harmonized; dreamlike in nature and beautiful to have rain down around you. A softly powerful song that refuses to let go of your affection throughout its near six-minute lifespan.

Serendipity strikes up a quicker pace and a slightly jazz-soaked aura. There’s energy here, a sense of urgency and excitement. Caught in the moment once again, the act of chance and unpredictability stands tall. Hypnotic and energizing, a great choice to wake up to. Then you get the contrasting delicacy and mellow spaciousness of the title track, which brings back the vocal, and a string of deeply considerate, intimate and honest lyrics that ponder the world and the journey of the self.

Love Space Time walks with quiet pride into the room, colourful yet gentle, sleepy yet keen to progress. Short verse lines prove quickly memorable and pave the way well towards the beautiful and satisfying, imagery-soaked, inspiring drop to the hook.

Afterwards, Beguiling Of The City strikes up a psychedelic, intense yet again energizing aura that finishes things up with a mighty bang of a soundscape. Seeing all elements return – distortion, softness, vocals, composition, pace, calm – the track feels vibrant and poetic, personal yet vague enough to be made your own; the calling card of a well-written song.

Formaneaux impresses more and more so with each new track. A clearly skilled, well-practiced and passionate artist, with an eclectic yet recognisable approach to songwriting and sound design. His new project set to emerge in 2020 is undoubtedly one worth looking out for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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