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Forest Violette Room To Breathe (Feat. Sean Martin)


Iron Gate Records present the latest single from raspy rocker Forest Violette and guitarist Sean Martin – an evocative and soulful release, with a stripped-back, intimate and live acoustic sound that naturally highlights the passionate intensity of Forest’s writing and vocal style.

Sean Martin really shines in this setting, the acoustic guitar playing humble yet impressive as we move through the various sections of a perfectly structured acoustic rock track. To begin with, a simple finger-style riff guides the way, later a heavier strum to meet with the rising angst and desperation of Forest’s vocal performance, and ultimately the two artists unite beautifully across this realm of organic expression.

Room To Breathe proves both deeply personal in tone and connection to the subject matter, and broadly accessible in terms of its vague and poetic approach to things. The very concept of needing Room To Breathe and finding your own way is vastly relatable – ‘Slow down, step back’ resounds in a manner that’s easy to attach to your own life and situation.

Beautifully captured, in short, a timeless classic that feels like an unplugged offering from a much heavier, grittier rock act in their usual setting. Forest Violette and Sean Martin make for an engaging pair.

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Rebecca Cullen

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