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Forest Robots Super Moon Moonlight Part One


This upcoming album by Forest Robots offers audiences a unique experience, one in which elements of the natural world and those of a more electronically sourced ocean of sound combine to create a truly immersive, enjoyable form of escapism. Follow The Towers to the Moon is the leading single from the release, a beautiful introduction to the artist and to the journey that will come with the full-length project.

The music is complex yet calming – while you can feel the wave of warmth and optimism put forth by the ambiance, you can also pick out and connect with a few very specific riffs and streams of colour, which really allows you to embrace the musicality of the piece and to see something recognisable and characterful within it.

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Elsewhere on the album, listeners can expect to be guided along a number of thoughtful and creatively exploratory pathways. There is plenty of rhythm, certain levels of uplifting energy from time to time. There’s also a notable element of delicacy, and even, in contrast, a sense of intensity. All of this at once can be found within the likes of A Path Among The Woods. This is a piece that offers a truly captivating experience, moving from the spacious and intimate, the organic and partly tribal – human – to the all-encompassing, overwhelming, other-worldly, and then back again; within just a couple of minutes. If ever there is to be an audio-representation, a replica or outline of what it is to escape into the natural world or into the unlimited wanderings of the mind, this album comes pretty close.

To take a single track from the collection is enjoyable and offers a few minutes of atmospheric-ambiance, among which you can effectively let go of your concerns for a while. However, the project in full is where the true beauty and strength exists. Forest Robots is a perfectly fitting name for an artist who crafts these kind of considerate and conscious arenas of music. Beautifully done.

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