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Forest Robots Inevitable


Forest Robots leads with something a little different on this occasion. Taking a step closer towards electronic production, still holding on to ambient and multi-layered soundscape design, but presenting a sense of rhythm, melody, and vocal delivery, Inevitable introduces a whole other side to the artist and songwriter, and it’s a pleasure to hear that subtle sense of creative variety.

Musically, Inevitable softly draws out a peaceful yet rhythmically entrancing bit of down-tempo electronica. There are qualities to this work that pay fair tribute to the style we’ve come to know of Forest Robots – that unity between music and nature, the intricacies, the natural world intertwining with digital production in a skillful and dreamlike fashion. At the same time though, this release brings through a touch of accessible humanity; a relatable voice, quiet but expressive, and a string of deeply thoughtful and subsequently provocative, inspiring lyrics.

To break this down to its underlying sentiments, the song for the most part addresses personal difficulty – struggle, regret, looking back. And yet, in line with that you get a surprisingly uplifting and hopeful arrangement, and by the end the song offers a similar level of hope and possibility; ‘Regret can’t be something you take with you everyday’.

These final words linger, as the song reverts back to its hypnotic repetition of ‘when you know, you know’. That phrase wraps around you, unsettling at first but ultimately comforting and indicative of a brighter future.

There’s clearly a level of depth to this that speaks volumes on behalf of the songwriter’s own journey and personal experiences. The way he’s expressed it though, is not only beautifully poetic, but complex and simple all at once; vague enough to be made your own, and mysterious enough to leave you wondering.

As is the case with much of his instrumental work, the experience is likely to mean something slightly different to everyone who takes it on. In every case, the whole thing has been professionally and indeed gorgeously crafted, making this yet another memorable and rewarding piece of music, from an artist who consistently thinks and creates just outside of the mainstream or more predictable arenas. A real pleasure to escape amidst.

Download the music via Bandcamp. Find & follow Forest Robots on Instagram & Twitter or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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