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For My Truth Setting The Break


Bringing together the hard-rock influences of both Germany and Maryland, For My Truth explode onto the scene with a fast-paced EP of originals designed for and dedicated to creating impact and escapism of the highest order.

For My Truth kicks off the new project Setting The Break, pouring through the speakers with high-octane drum-work, layers of distortion, power chords and plenty of space. Throw in some brilliantly versatile vocals, the sort that tip their hat to the alt-rock legends of a simpler decade, and what we get is a quickly immersive, nostalgic yet fresh take on deeply conceptual expression.

This poetic and passionate approach proves true to the band’s sound throughout these five songs. Personal anguish and gratitude intertwine initially, laying bare a potential underlying subject matter or emotional backbone, and the following tracks continue to explore this by means of equally revealing, honest story-telling.

Setting The Break leads with a notably more memorable riff and progression to begin with. The tumble of the drums still follows and satisfies, injecting a kind of Bad Religion-esque pace and presence into the room.

Even amidst this beautifully organised chaos and weight though, more than a few lyrics stand tall for their inspiring honesty and consideration. Regret meets with acceptance, along with a plethora of other decidedly human revelations and realizations. The mellow breakdown after the halfway point really helps bring all of this home.

A Hard Life follows and perhaps takes this depth of humanity to even greater lengths. Compelling lyrics captivate, effective structuring makes sure the various sections of the song connect and prove recognizable, and meanwhile we’re further prompted to believe that a live performance from For My Truth would make for a stunning experience.

Something of a mainstream highlight from the EP is the song Life Or Liberty – an absolute anthem of our time, beautifully crafted and cleverly contrasting delicacy with weight in a powerfully hypnotic, energizing way. Brief dashes of acoustic warmth openly suggest that even a stripped-back performance from the band would grip and move a live audience.

I’m Still Here brings things to a melodically satisfying finish, taking listeners down a decidedly personal pathway – that of reflection, thoughtfulness, and towing the line between reality and imagination. Brilliant songwriting, once again – it’s a pleasure to listen to such a hard-hitting contemporary band with so much vulnerability and realness at the heart of their work.

A great end to an incredibly impressive, enjoyable EP – easily one for the long-term playlist.

Grab the full EP via Bandcamp. Check out the For My Truth Website for more information or follow them on Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

2 responses to “For My Truth – Setting The Break

  1. Rebecca, thanks so much for this wonderfully written review of our music. It means a lot and your words make us think, that we did a good job. Because you hit the nail on the head with everything you’ve written.
    This won’t be the last thing you’ve heard, for sure.

    Best Regards
    (the German part of this production)

    1. Hi Angus – you’re absolutely welcome, it’s what I love to do!

      Great project, congrats to you all. Looking forward to hearing more.

      Thank you!


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