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Font Leroy marula (love/letters)


Font Leroy kicks off a promising career in music with the blissful good vibes of his first of four projects this year – love/letters. The quickly entrancing rhythms and melodic colors of marula begin the process, opening up the album with a beautiful collection of organic loops and a simultaneously soulful yet delicate leading voice to guide you through the experience.

There’s character in each of these buildings blocks – as a unit the soundscape feels familiar, think of the jazz-cafe vibes from a decade or two ago, but individually there are so many intricacies that are gorgeously unique and interesting. There’s a subsequent air of individuality to the sound, and furthermore – a genuine love for the art form shines brightly; here and indeed throughout the rest of this playlist.

Where ambient music makes a fine accompaniment for meditation or an evening of calm, even a long journey for many of us, it occasionally lacks that humanity or soul to give it a little more meaning and intention. In this case, you get the best of both worlds. The personality in that leading voice and indeed in many of the lyrics is refreshing and easy to connect with. At the same time, these soundscapes are a simple joy to escape within. Delicacy and careful yet skillful musicianship reflect and reinforce the heartfelt ponderings of each song in a gorgeous way.

world collide, as an example, sees that familiarity continue, but with a much more seductively smooth aura – and a concept that feels brilliantly open and honest. There’s a feeling of intimacy to the whole thing, it’s warming, and welcoming. Font Leroy takes his time to craft tracks that mean something, on a personal level at first, but there’s an effective meeting between individual experience and accessible, shared observations – to approach these in a poetically new way is the icing on the cake, and that’s precisely what you get with this music. A wonderfully impressive new artist with a stunning sound and a definite sense of style.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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