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Fluffy Run The Trap (Feat. Slim Spitta)


Heavy production and equally intense vocal-lines drive with absolute power and weight throughout this new single from Fluffy and Slim Spitta.

Kicking into gear with an immediately crisp and hard-hitting soundscape, stylishly blending distorted synths and quirky effects with a uniquely creative beat, Run The Trap starts off as a hip hop anthem loaded with confidence and personality, yet evolves to become an unexpectedly mind-bending hit of dub-step and experimental hybrid dance.

The balance works perfectly well – rarely do we get a welcomed break from rap vocals like this, and rarely does an explosive dub-step track take a moment to welcome in a well-rounded, rhythmically engaging voice.

On top of the likable, artistic set-up, the entire structure of the track works wonders for its overall effect. You get the strength of the build-up from both the verse to the instrumental hook, and again during later the moments – including the quieter fall-away, a fine use of stop/start sound design and a generally impressive creative production style on the whole. And this is all perfectly in line with the implied intensity of the concept.

Fast bars to start things up, moments of clear character and dynamic, plenty of instrumental identity, all makes for an easily recognizable, heavy summer hit for alternative music fans the world over.

Download or stream Run The Trap from August 28th. Check out Fluffy on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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