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Flexx Da Kid Can’t Change For Nun


Flexx Da Kidd brings together devotion and work ethic throughout this extensive new album of original hip hop tracks.

Featuring eighteen originals, Can’t Change For Nun celebrates authenticity and style whilst introducing the artist’s story in a way that connects. From catchy melodies to stylish trap rhythms and gritty bars, dynamic stands tall amidst a clearly contemporary vibe that effectively suits the sound of the moment.

Him starts things off on an unexpectedly emotive level. Even with the vocal auto-tune there’s expression and feeling in the delivery, and the flow switches things up throughout. Weave in a creatively melodic backdrop and the whole thing manages to feel familiar yet fresh in its addressing of the modern audience.

Similar vibes continue but a fuller soundscape and heavier late-night vibe hits for Just Gettin Started, dreamy and ethereal yet energising, and that energy peaks right afterwards as Major Motion injects a hypnotic riff and some freestyle-esque bars that quickly elevate the whole project.

Money Vibes takes on a different vocal sound, lower-toned and more cleanly mixed and up-front. The haunting soundscape alongside this works well to showcase versatility and keep things interesting. Then there’s the title track, somewhat minimalist with a rhythm and heavily effected voice seemingly like an otherworldly stream of consciousness.

Other highlights include the anthem-like pace, poetry and rhythmic hook of Overboard, and the suddenly distorted, euphoric synth-play of a passionate and revealing Burning Memories.

Ultimately the sound is rooted amidst integrity and the tone of Flexx Da Kid, but there are plenty of stories, truths and reflections united throughout the landscape of the completed project, for fans of the genre to revisit and fall into.

Download or stream the album here. Check out Flexx Da Kid on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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