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Fleet Walker She Bites


Fleet Walker’s music is driven by an indie-rock swagger and an almighty passion for singing. The artist’s voice is the thing that will grab you first of all, partly because of the tone and style of the performance, partly because of the unexpected lyricism and unique story telling.

She Bites is a strong introduction to the Fleet Walker sound. Taking a touch of influence from the likes of Jeff Buckley, the artist’s leading voice meanders its way through the song with equal parts delicacy and grit – the instrumentation surrounding it very much in keeping with this sort of style. The guitar part falls away for the verses, your focus is on the voice, the poetry, then it comes back in full force for the distorted and weighty later sections, at one point collaborating with the more powerful end of the singer’s vocal range, making for a pretty rock and roll soaked climax.

At over five minutes long, She Bites again pays tribute to the style of rock soloists from yesteryear – this free-flowing, artistic take on performance, allowing the music to simply happen as the soul dictates; not confined by standard industry restrictions or the rules of radio. The entire final minute of the song is an instrumental explosion of that grit and angst that was touched upon earlier in the song. Considering the gentle nature of the opening verse, the intimate and almost whispered introduction to the song’s story line, this final wave of music hits with immense impact thanks to the powerful use of contrast.

The thing that makes this a unique sound has to be the lyrics and the melody. As stated, this is a great introduction to Fleet Walker, and if this song is anything to go by – there’s likely to be a lot more music of interest and intrigue to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

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