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Flavor Wolf The Ninth Dimension


Heavy production, unique and engaging from the outset with industrial intensity and distortion to break the silence – The Ninth Dimension brings together the talents of artist Myka 9 and producer Freematik, and boldly ignites a fresh era of hip hop.

Set for release on April 20th, the project includes the chaotic and lyrically complex Traffic – intriguing for its production and vocal delivery, captivating for its content and depth.

Escape! follows a similarly creative, sci-fi-style route – keeping the mood, injecting a rhythmic, anthem-like and cinematic lyrical thread, provoking deeper thought with fragments of repeated ideas and hints of melody. A haunting and hypnotic early highlight that draws strong interest in the longer project.

The fifteen track release also includes a manic yet sleepy, conveyor-belt style Nights Online – a song whose concept and looping rhythms feel decidedly poignant right about now. The vocal has a spoken word or movie extract feel. Certain lyrics about losing hope and ‘these layers open up a door’ strike with impact amidst the fuzz and white-noise surrounding them.

Laid Back Lurking offers another unsettling scene within the audio experience. Myka 9’s voice reaches new theatrical peaks, the title idea repeats and envelops, and meanwhile there’s a softly rising sense of anticipation as the story-line poetically confuses with its details and scene-setting.

Literary complexity, intelligent framing of ideas and conscious writing fused with elements of the unknown – The Ninth Dimension is likely to connect the dots more notably when listened to in full. A creative gem, following its own pathway towards artistic exploration.

Check out Freematik & Myka9 on Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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