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Flamingo Cartel Red Jordans (Feat. DJ TARO)


Collaborative strength and absolute awareness from a catchy pop perspective, the unmissable dance anthem Red Jordans proves nostalgically soulful yet contemporary in its quickly colourful outpouring and brilliantly energising production.

Featuring a timeless presentation with superb vocals for the hook and the simplicity of a catchy rising melody to reinforce that moment, Red Jordans celebrates basketball and the iconic Jordans under a modern dance-pop light; complete with dashes of eighties synth and character for the breakdown.

Stylish as ever, mainstream ready and notably one of the most infectious indie hits this side of 2021, Red Jordans makes fine use of melody and precision to craft a simple yet striking arrangement that lingers with you long after listening.

Offering a welcomed hit of yesteryear passion in that vocal melody, the single rises and builds like a nineties EDM piece, allowing the natural anticipation to grow, and the ultimate drop to embrace and uplift audiences with defiant power and brightness.

Promising glimpses of real world sound-design to further highlight the love of basketball that first prompted its creation, Red Jordans makes for an easy go-to for escapism and optimism, a little lightness, just when we all need it. Enjoy.

Download the music via Apple. Check out Flamingo Cartel & DJ TARO on IG / IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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