Finessen - SIDNEY POITIER - Stereo Stickman



This single produced by JENIUS showcases the smooth musicality and clever conceptual approach of Finessen under a thoughtful and somewhat alternative light. The music offers up a balance between the hip hop and electronica worlds, walking the line between intensity and lightness, presenting a delicate soundscape that hits with a certain rhythm and bounce to really lift you up when you need it.

Artistically, Finessen gives off a sense of alt-pop or alternative RnB. The simple and slightly haunting, hypnotic vibe of the ambiance rides alongside of the changing vocal delivery really well. Contrast is effective when utilised effectively, and that’s absolutely the case here. For the most part, what you take away from this is the hook – the key line lingers in your mind, the melody makes certain of it. On second and third listen though, you’re likely to recognise the musicianship of the piece. That distant flicker of piano moves out and around you consistently. In addition, a simple electric guitar part smoothly enhances the dynamic and adds just enough to what is a notably spacious and dreamlike few minutes of music and performance.

Melodically, the track has a lot to offer. The hook is minimalist, simple and seductive, memorable. The verses stand in opposition, offering up a quicker pace and leaning a little in the direction of hip hop – though still maintaining that easy going, laid back energy that is the essence of the piece. The songwriting and the production work perfectly here in creating that go-to moment of escapism. As well as this, Finessen puts forth a seemingly effortless yet perfectly relevant performance – delivering the sentiment and supporting the mood brilliantly. You’re likely to remember this and recognise it even after listening only once. It works well and appears as quite beautifully calming. Listen loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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