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Feyer Get Over It


This live version of original song Get Over It by Feyer makes for a great introduction to the artist, to his band, and to their overall musical strengths and direction. As a unit, they’re a connected and skillful group of musicians – the recording could quite easily be the result of multiple studio sessions. The fact that it’s live allows you to appreciate the abilities and creativity of everyone involved, as well as giving you an authentic insight as to what you can expect from a live show from Feyer.

At almost five minutes long, the further you get into this session, the more the song seems to connect. The opening verse presents a fairly delicate sound, not notably organic but fusing a little of the purity of music with something a tad more electronic. Among this, the melody, lyricism, and indeed the leading voice, all draw your focus well. Your attention is on the story line initially, this deeply personal and honest offering of experience and difficulty. You’re also likely to pick up on the distinctly contrasting, manic energy of a certain key riff running behind the mellow energy of the melody. This has a slightly hypnotic effect to it, and by the time the hook hits – you’re completely locked in.

As a songwriter, Feyer brings an all important touch of realness to music. This concept of getting over it is so much easier said than done, so the set up of this song – the other character, the placement of oneself within the story – it works brilliantly in representing the journey through dwelling and on into freedom. Get Over It is a well written and interesting piece of music. In my opinion, this live version is the perfect way to experience it.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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