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Few Miles On Southern Blues Groove


We’re way over due for taking a closer look at some classic and quality blues rock. Few Miles On are a band based in Cookeville, Tennessee, and their sound is a stylish, yet raw, rock and roll based blues, fused with an essential dash of Detroit funk, and over flowing with those real music vibes that we love.

Time in the Dirty South is an album that will take you right back to when music was the God-like centre of your social life. Dusty, dirty, blues rock with feeling; and on top of that, some really nice song writing – not always a high point with this kind of music, but there are definitely some stand out tracks in this project.

Tupelo Blues lures you into a false environment to start with. Those tin can blues tunes of the 1920’s that you haven’t heard in a very long time come to mind. Then, out of nowhere, bang; the track and the band smash into action. Quality blues rock, with just enough of that funk-like edge to get you feeling like dancing till the sun comes up.

Better Each Day is a beautiful track that took me right back to my Eagles-obsessive days. A lovely, laid back, bluesy vibe to sink your soul into. Lets you sit back and think about those things you haven’t got round to fixing in your life just yet. Great guitar work on this one, and throughout the album, actually – each and every flick of a riff seems perfectly placed within the music. It’s a sad song, essentially, but it does have that flicker of hope in the chorus. All you need is a little hope, sometimes..

“We used to make love, now we just make excuses..”

Things pump back up a little after this one and the album goes on to really draw you into the music. You want to be at an obscure little festival somewhere, drinking a beer you’ve never heard of, dancing with some people you’ve never met, but whom you feel like you’ve known forever. That’s what blues rock is meant to do, in my opinion, and that’s just what this album does. A joy to listen to.

Time Heals is a total gem. A real husky vocal surrounds you and pours it’s soul out to you. Some gorgeous little harmonies come out in this one, too. And that classic, chilled guitar vibe keeps your feet tapping and your nerves calm. This was probably my favourite track on the album. Definitely one to check out.

Grab your copy of Time in the Dirty South via the band’s Website. You can head over there to have a listen to the music we’ve talked about, and follow the guys on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop.

The world is full of great musicians, great bands, making great music – this is by no stretch of the imagination a negative thing. We’re happy to find it, we’re happy to hear it, and we’re delighted to share it with all of you. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby to Cookeville, TN; get yourselves down to a gig, asap; for some real, raw, rock and blues. Superb sounds from these guys. Few Miles On. Get involved.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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