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Fernando Triff Blessing Like Swagger


Fernando Triff’s Blessing Like Swagger is a bright and rhythmic release loaded with positivity and good vibes. The single comes just in time for the end of the summer, offering audiences a heartfelt message and an EDM inspired pop song that both reminds you of the laid back energy of the sunny season and reaches out in an honest and considerate way.

There’s a notable level of character to the song, particularly when it comes to the lyrics – the perspective expressed is done so in a unique way that shines brightly with individuality and personal roots. The single reaches out as the sort that is for anyone and everyone, accessible and relevant to all – exemplifying togetherness and unity. The accompanying video features some beautifully cinematic shots that highlight our colourful world and the positive energy within it. There’s an easy going mood to the images and this suits the underlying aura of the song. Fernando Triff’s writing and sound fits well among the unfolding scenes. His voice has a definite tone and performance style that is again loaded with character. The track’s title, the lyrics, the concept, and indeed much of the production – all of this feeds further into his musical stamp of identity.

The single is well produced and polished so as to let the brightness of summer trance or EDM work is magic, yet without sacrificing the depth of the songwriting. You’re inclined to follow the lyrics and the melody along as you listen, leading you up to those huge chorus moments, and everything that comes to pass draws your focus in some unexpected or unpredictable way. The hopefulness and the positivity are the driving forces behind this release – hopefully it’s the sort of passion and optimism that will appear in all of the artist’s music from here on in.

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