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Feliks Divelli For Each Other


Feliks Divelli’s sound and songwriting style offer audiences poetic musical expression in its purest form. For Each Other is a beautiful song, simple by design, honest, delicate, and gorgeously performed.

From the offset, the softness of the acoustic guitar picking and the smoothness of Divelli’s voice draw you in for what is a notably personal and open account of love. The songwriter’s ability to set the scene and to move from the imagery of the verses to the intimacy and central sentiments of the subsequent sections makes for something that manages to captivate on its own strength alone. Nothing fancy or overly flashy is needed to brighten up the energy of the piece, the realness of the lyrics and the progression – the rising intensity – everything works on the genuine vibrancy of the performance. For what seems like a later build-up in instrumentation, is really the simple addition of a distant beat; a minimalist touch that works well but in a subtle way.

The progression of the melody and the changing pace of the guitar part keeps you involved and interested throughout. It feels very much like a live performance, a moment of truth captured – with nothing to hide behind. You can tell almost precisely what a live show would be like from Feliks Divelli, and there is so much space in the music world for this kind of authenticity. It’s not just the lyrics, not just how soothing his voice is to listen to, not even just his clever awareness of how to structure an acoustic song effectively – a big part of what works here is the emotional presence that can be witnessed throughout the recording. You can hear the artist’s connection to the subject matter, and that makes all the difference. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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