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Fauci The Wire / Swim


Soaring rock instrumentals back up deeply emotive lyrics and powerful melodic songwriting, as genre-fusing artist Fauci delivers his boldly revealing two-track release The Wire and Swim.

The Wire acts as a beautifully passionate introduction, quickly evolving from emo-rap delicacy and reflection to the full-throttle reign of a pop-punk and rock hook. All the while, that vocal meanders faultlessly from softness to intensity; from folk-like contemplation to the outright scream of metal.

Utilising such a vast blend of genres might seem alternative and even chaotic, but the structuring of the track is masterful, and always the melody, lyrics and instrumentation keep you engaged and gripped within the journey.

The final quarter even sees things veer off into a simple guitar and voice realm, with a fresh tune and fearless display of vulnerability to match. The whole thing is incredibly catchy, close to euphoric, and also heartbreakingly raw in topic and personal detail.

The second track releasing is Swim – instantly recognisable for that undeniable Fauci vocal edge of tone, yet entirely different in vibe and rhythmic progression. Here we get a sultry rap and RnB mood, still with that poetic thoughtfulness at its core; and those alluring guitars and light drum-hits illuminating the outer edges.

Longer-form melodic bars pour lashings of observation and emotion into the track, so much so that a single listen is far from enough – despite the good vibes of the music making for an easily enjoyable wash of escapism.

Creative structuring continues, an unpredictable arrangement that keeps you on your toes yet also manages to satisfy in the way that any infectious and lasting pop hit must. Contrast also maintains the impact of the song, with sultry bass-work and a recognisable quick riff lingering between vocal moments; for an added touch of musicianship and flair.

An impressive project, in short, managing to be both a pleasure for the listener to lose themselves within, and a bold introduction to a creative, emotional yet ever-professional artist; defiantly unlimited by the confines of genre or industry expectation.

Grab The Wire here or check out Fauci on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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