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Fatima Revne Feel Good (Feat. WNDR)


Uniquely creative, high-quality production meets with stylishly impressive vocals on this latest single from independent artist Fatima Revne.

Feel Good is a song that kicks in with greater weight the further along you get. What begins as a simple RnB piece, a mildly familiar verse melody but an already interesting beat, soon evolves to become something brilliantly satisfying Рa warm and uplifting piece of music, fusing the best of the dance and pop worlds alike.

That hook hits subtly but surely – the song and the moment of the drop in particular offer a great groove. What’s also enjoyable though is that there’s plenty of space within the track. The industrial, creatively free and unpredictable audio building blocks are far from over-bearing – on the contrary, they allow Revne’s vocals to shine as brightly as they need to in order to appeal and connect. The effect of this is that they do – that voice stands tall for its ability to meander soulfully, and to maintain a clear level of character. There’s personality in the tone and indeed in the style of the delivery. While certain moments feel undoubtedly RnB inspired, certain others seem really well-suited to the alternative EDM-pop fusion world. It’s a voice that transcends genres, and for all of these reasons and more the song is making waves online right now. I look forward to hearing future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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