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FAMES what do i call u? (ex sounds wrong)


LA’s FAMES take on the pop world with an addictive little hook that quickly weaves its way into your consciousness.

Exploring precisely the concept promised by its title, what do i call u? (ex sounds wrong) openly dwells on a love lost, a heart broken and an unwillingness to succumb to separation.

It’s a familiar concept, the lyrics are simple, easily accessible – though strangely a little less rhythmically impactful during the verses. The overall effect of this, however, is that it seems to make the hook strike with all the more of a satisfying break from uncertainty. As that line repeats, complete with its desperation for answers, reminding me a little of Orla Gartland’s Why am I like this?, the entire groove and melody of the song effectively connects in an instant.

On top of this, despite the melancholy of the writing, the single is decidedly upbeat, optimistic sounding – instrumentally and in terms of the lead singer’s vocal delivery. There’s a squeaky-clean pop finish to the whole arrangement, making this the kind of track you might find yourself dancing to joyfully or singing along to without a care – before you even realise the sadness and absence at its core.

An easy hit to pick out and recognise, well produced, and to contrast with that natural colour and hope of the studio finish, the live version reinforces the inherent sadness and heartfelt longing of the writing, and offers an impressive look at the band performing – which actually connects on a much stronger level.

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