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This debut release from the ever-contemplative FALL or FLIGHT brings through a conceptual project designed to provide a wholly versatile hit of escapism for deep thinkers and modern pop fans alike.

Beginning with tHE eMBRYONIC, the rUDIMENTARY EP pours into the room with a classic trip-hop core, hints of jazz and freestyle expression, and a spoken word segment that quickly provokes thought. The project proceeds in an eclectic yet pristine and creative fashion, slowly but surely weaving around listeners the completed story of a lover’s journey from hesitation to infatuation, to ultimately a heartfelt desperation to avoid the end when things have run their course.

While the opener is subtle, thoughtful and calming, dESIRE follows and immediately injects a dance-pop anthem into the mix. Superb production guides again, but here we get an audio complexity, and a lyrical density that openly delves into the prospect of love and infatuation. Synths rain down, the hook engages with ease, and the whole thing feels like an emotional yet classic summer dance hit from a simpler time.

2 tOUCH U then adds all the more unpredictability to the process, leading with finger-style string plucking, a new vocal, and a world-music rhythm with plenty of space – the whole thing proving yet another easily addictive hit, but with a whole new personality and mood.

An aptly-titled bEFORE tHE eND sees vintage strings guide us through a melancholic, reflective space, with a unique series of layers production-wise to follow, as a meandering vocal talks of all that’s left and the heartache that comes with the approaching end of a valued relationship. The song stands out for its hypnotic and unusual audio details, not to mention the simple repeat of that hook line, and an unexpected hit of contemporary hip hop for the verse.

A tropical trap beat and chorus of voices captivate for the final stage of the story. iS oVER presents a surprinsgly colourful, optimistic soundscape, with a breathy, seductive vocal lead, and an RnB-style melodic structure that furthers the track’s inherent sense of genre-blending.

The whole project is incredibly eclectic, each track unique and effective in its own right, yet the completed playlist holding close to a select few threads that keep the FALL or FLIGHT manner of production and artistry at the forefront.

It feels like a greatest hits collection in many ways, holding interest for variety as much so as catchy hooks and blissful sound design. There’s even a stylish hit of guitar funk and soul for the latter half of the final song – a fresh drum-line, a quirky vocal, and a whole lot of all that made the full EP so unpredictable and interesting.

EP Out September 25th. Find & follow FALL or FLIGHT on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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