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Fadetheblackk Visions (Feat. b*star)


What’s not to like about a track like Visions – a simple, organic soundscape, spacious and humble, hopeful; a set of leading voices with a smooth sense of confidence, delivering a set of lyrics intended to inspire and calm and motivate. All of this and more, plus the fact that the song carefully walks the line between that which is familiar, comforting, and that which is fresh; new and exciting.

Fadetheblackk and b*star collaborate on this release to showcase the best of their abilities, but this is just something you naturally take away from the single – this is not what it’s inherently about. Visions isn’t an attempt to let everyone know who these artists are, it’s not a track that screams out for attention or attempts to utilise the shock factor just to gather views and likes. Far from it. Everything about this song speaks subtle volumes for the positivity and optimism within it. Sure, there’s darkness within the verses, the world’s truths are laid bare, but the hook seems to offer a sense of resolve and possibility, and the good vibes rise higher as things progress. The musical ambiance is humble, as stated, the verses and the melody unite and yet contrast just right – creating a structure that holds tight to your attention, whilst always maintaining the good vibes at the heart of the soundscape.

On top of all of this, both leading vocals offer a subtle but certain level of confidence and professionalism. It’s reliable from the offset, believable, easy to get into. The simple piano riff sets the bar at a particular height and everything else follows suit beautifully. There’s a point to the song, to the ideas expressed by it, and to the mood set by the music. It’s easy to grasp and a total pleasure to stumble upon. So much so that when the track ends, you miss that mellow groove, that rhythm and the soothing aura.

At less than three minutes long it’s almost essential to listen more than once – though of course, this is a far better effect to have on an audience than to overstay your welcome. Visions is superb, a great song and one that finds itself at the top of our main playlist for the foreseeable future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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