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Faded Shades What I’m on About


Heavy indie rock distortion and impassioned vocals quickly reset the cultural timers, as the UK’s own Faded Shades deliver a nostalgic anthem of resounding self-confidence and cascading layers of guitar.

Something of an infectious rock anthem uniquely intertwining the past and present, What I’m on About resounds as both familiar and fresh – a callout to the live music fans craving that faster pace and presence from rock bands, and a fine testament to the simple yet effective songwriting that weaves its way into our consciousness.

Somewhat explosive by design, the intensity of the amplification is juxtaposed by the smoother and lighter vocal placement on the top-line. In short, the yesteryear qualities of What I’m on About speak volumes on behalf of the timeless influences that helped pave the way for Faded Shades. To then bring in a few subtly psychedelic moments of warping pedals and celebratory vocal adlibs is to finish things off with a clear twist of live-show appeal.

A song like this no doubt finds its feet with power and energy on the stage – the perfect contender to light up the festivals this summer, and a generally uplifting, invigorating rock anthem, that promptly reminds you to live well and live now. Turn up the volume; seize the day.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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