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F2MS February (EP)


Directly addressing the chill-hop, lo-fi sound of the moment amidst a beautifully creative edge, F2MS designs ambient soundscapes that hypnotically embrace listeners for that essential calm and control as you go about your work day or commute.

The EP February strikes up a wave of focused energy as Tides pours through, uniting laid-back rhythms with dashes of upfront synth melodies and a wash of warmth in the background.

Not quite the simple repetition found on study playlists across YouTube, there’s something uniquely interesting about the F2MS approach; a trait consistent throughout this project.

Drv has a more familiar style, a little jazz-cafe-like in its rhythm and the over-wash or breath-like panning of effects and chords and bass. Then we get the intrigue and folk-soaked organic lightness of OK? – the question, the calm, joining forces for a minimalist pulsation that slowly but surely evolves into a new realm; one in which certain layers of weight are stripped back and then replaced for that all-important hint of unpredictability.

H20 brightens the mood, leaning clearly towards the hip hop style and calling out for collaboration or a vocal feature – particularly as the beat drops in and the whole thing takes hold of you. Crisp and compelling, uplifting, loaded with good vibes; a personal favourite.

Y3k finishes things up with layers of warped chords and a subtle sense of brightness and optimism throughout its on-and-off progression; this drop and pick-up style proving a clear characteristic of F2MS.

Nicely done, an easy project to get into, from an artist with an increasingly impressive collection to their name.

Download or stream the music here. Check out F2MS on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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