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Ewoof A Mask Of Solitude


Organic piano, voice and contemplative lyrics meet with ethereal production traits, for a vastly thought-provoking collection of works. Ewoof has effectively created a lane of his own, with the inspiring and entrancing EP A Mask Of Solitude.

We begin in Solace, references to uncertainty rising up towards belief and boldness in being. The style immediately paints an image of an aptly isolated creative, lost amidst the wonder of writing and indeed the search for musical satisfaction; as well as an understanding of the self.

The project continues to shine light on these qualities, but also makes sure to bring through a worthy degree of versatility from one moment to the next.

Consider the shift to colour and rhythm for No More, still with hints of piano lingering in between bigger hits of movement – heavy bass contrasting delicacy as things evolve and gather momentum.

Impossible to pigeon-hole and refreshingly interesting as a result, Ewoof seems to follow the call of the music and his feelings above anything else. No specific genre is the aim, only to express the inexpressible in a new and engaging way.

Too Loud shifts towards RnB and unusually pairs it with an arena-style chamber of reverb and quick-fingered folk picking. The passion grows throughout, ultimately promising one of the most impactful and euphoric tracks of the project. Bee-Z features and undoubtedly elevates that emotive presence.

Sound-play then takes the reigns again for the striking embrace of a spacious Imagine, before lightness and instrumentation add a retro degree of artistry, for Take A Moment. After this, the natural world backs a now unmistakable Ewoof vocal musing, poetic and provocative in its delicacy and self-certainty combined. Feel – another highlight.

Brilliant musicianship lights up the superb Play – piano, guitar, bass and beats all uniting amidst a choir-style vocal distance, gifting a cinematic vibe that still somehow maintains a soul-folk intimacy and realness. Safe follows and brings a curtain call of experimental warmth and other-worldly implication.

An increasingly impressive project, to conclude – really finding its feet amidst the freedom of creativity, yet also retaining its roots within the true integrity and purpose of Ewoof’s own writing and design.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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