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Evoke Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Already known for the creatively unpredictable appeal of his original tracks, Evoke hits the scene with greater impact than ever this season, for the launch of a new single and coinciding YouTube video series exploring the results of employing Artificial Intelligence as an artist manager.

The single is fascinating, non-traditional yet hard-hitting and motivational, and the artist and entrepreneur takes full advantage of the moment with his equally impressive and rightfully well-received video side-project.

Blending heavy production with cleanly-mixed vocals and honest reflections on the climb, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang emerges as a stop-start anthem of poetic revelations and quirky anecdotes. The production is gritty and colourful all at once, Evoke throwing caution to the wind when it comes to genre, and this elevates his impassioned performance in a uniquely captivating way.

Initially intense, later evocative and inspiring, ultimately driven and devoted to its sense of anarchy and freedom from the norm, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang successfully achieves the artistic juxtaposition of its title in everything from soundscape to lyrical content. Meanwhile the music injects another unorthodox yet likable hit into the impressively expansive repertoire of Evoke.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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