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Eveningland Hera


Backed by ten years of experience writing and producing original tracks, a plethora of which have been featured across renowned commercials and TV ventures, creative composer Eveningland delves into this latest release with absolute cinematic presence and ambient, hypnotic devotion.

Leading with tribal dance layers and the skilful panning of details for a truly enveloping listen, Hera follows a somewhat neo-classical progression through various emotions and intricacies.

The sound has familiarity, but the style is made up of admittedly unique building blocks – traits of character, subtly experimental aspects – and these qualities together help make the single reach out with both comfort and refreshing originality.

Having worked in the past with the likes of Nike and Volvo, plus YouTube and Facebook libraries, Eveningland’s ability and passion for the artform is rightfully unparalleled, and you can hear this across the powerful and enchanting warmth of Hera.

The track embraces its audience, providing a realm of escapism that’s loaded with natural world implications as much so as electronic fragments of cleverly crafted euphoria.

A real pleasure to lose yourself within for a while, and far from the beginning of a journey. Given that you’ve most likely already come across some of Eveningland’s music in TV or internet land, this year makes for one in which it’s a name well worth knowing.

Check out Eveningland on Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp & the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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