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Ev Young Sunset By The Moon


Ev Young takes the synth-driven pulse of summer-time EDM and fuses it with a notably trip-hop inspired ambiance and a reverb-soaked vocal melody for this single – all of which paints a smooth, calming audio experience around the listener.

Sunset By The Moon is a single that leads with its own unique concept and the artist’s simple presentation of this. The rhythm of the synths and indeed the overall mellow movement of the track create a perfectly sunset-inspired aura that suits the idea well. At the same time, the repetition of that key line is undoubtedly what you take away with you after listening. This is the lyric that stands the tallest, and these four words offer a subtle level of intrigue that helps make certain you’ll remember the song when all is said and done.

As an artist, Ev Young fuses a little of several different genres or styles within the walls of this single. The vocal delivery has a contemporary hip hop or RnB twang, the ambiance feels like down-tempo dance-hall in some respects, and the entire groove of the track makes for the perfect moment of transition from the high energy to the calm – i.e. the sun metaphorically beginning to set.

Strangely enough, the artwork for this single fits well with the echo of the melody and the lashings of reverb that the song utilizes as it fills the room. There’s a hazy sense of bliss to the whole thing – clarity isn’t needed; only a few distinctive elements and moments are required to create the right kind of mood.

The second time you hear this those opening vocals and that tripped-up beat are pretty easy to recognize. It will be interesting to see where else Ev Young’s creativity takes him over the coming months and years.

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