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Euodia Magna Love


Magna Love is a release like no other, emerging immediately as this smooth and passionate song with a skilfully developing melody – one that’s flawlessly performed. The leading vocalist showcases a phenomenal range, and this works brilliantly in portraying that ascending melody, and in putting forth the song’s sentiment with genuine feeling.

The structure of the song is hugely captivating, the various sections each play a certain role in providing you, the listener, with an experience to remember. This particular fusion of synths and a fairly dreamlike yet lightly bouncy rhythm makes for an alternative take on EDM that’s angled notably in the modern pop or even late eighties direction in some ways. The soundscape has an epic feeling of storytelling to it, even before the lyrics come into play. Then as the words unfold, the poetry and imagery adds immensely to the ambiance. The underlying, unpredictable concept gradually surrounds you with ideas and contemplation.

The melody is a huge strong point for the single. The instrumentation is mesmerising on its own, and really well produced, but the way the melody moves along and evolves is sublime – always progressing, never getting complacent, and always beautifully represented by the leading voice. Whether it’s those quiet, intimate moments at hand, or the higher end of the spectrum where volume and power is required; the task is met with unquestionable ability.

Returning to the cleverness of the structure, the lead up to the chorus is, in a way, more intense and compelling than the chorus itself. The hook is a moment of mellow smoothness in amidst a rising chaos and energy. It’s uncommon, but this simply adds to the unique sense of character and individuality that the song consistently gives off.

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