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Ethan Wood Walk Away


Ethan Wood’s latest release Walk Away offers an exciting taste of his upcoming album Arcade, due to be released at the start of March. The song comes accompanied by a gorgeously retro, vintage-style film, and this suits brilliantly the classic electronic feel of the music and the vibrant energy of the melody.

Walk Away is a song that comes soaked in a little of that Owl City vibe that was re-ignited on Ethan’s recent tribute project Of June, though it also brings in a notable and important level of punk-pop, something which adds so much brightness and really helps give this whole sound a unique touch of artistry.

Throughout the single, the composer toys with infectious synths and riffs that fly around colorfully among this thick and classic, eighties style beat. On top of this you get the songwriting, the story-line expressed within the lyrics, the passion in the leading voice presenting them, and what is a superbly memorable and contagious hook section. The song hits with impact thanks to all of this working harmoniously together.

After growing more and more connected to the Ethan Wood sound through the previous project, it’s a pleasure to hear an original piece from the artist. The thought and effort that has gone into this is clear from the offset – a gentle soundscape emerges at first, surrounding you in atmospheric ambiance. This is soon blown out of the water by the explosive energy and rhythm of the song itself. The story telling is honest and appealing for its personal touch, but the music and the song offer so much that is widely accessible, energizing, and easy to get into. That’s a strong combination, and it sounds great. The more you listen, the more those details start to sink in, and the more you connect with the essence of the writing and the performance. Ethan Wood has a definite way with writing songs that leave a mark. The album looks set to be unmissable.

Download the track via iTunes or stream it on Soundcloud. Pre-order the album Arcade via Bandcamp. Find & follow Ethan Wood on Twitter & Instagram.

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