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Ethan Wood Emerald Eyes


Ethan Wood has achieved something wonderful with his latest single. Hard work and passion lead the way perfectly for anyone who’s looking to create a sound that’s a dream to listen to, and that’s unequivocally theirs. Having enjoyed a host of his releases before now, and never knowingly thought of there being anything missing or to be worked upon, it seems that this single Emerald Eyes is somehow in a league of its own.

Emerald Eyes is the sort of song that calms you in its purest state but lifts you up and away when it really kicks in. Think of the one hit that made waves for the likes of M83, Empire Of The Sun or MGMT. There’s a simple yet sublime sense of warmth and progression to the music and the ideas, which lets it all completely embrace you and allow you to escape your current environment or head-space for a while.

Perhaps it’s the way Ethan lets himself be completely real and visible within this song – it feels like his truth, poetic and minimalist, but honest. Perhaps it’s also the skillful way the music develops from the bare essentials to the multi-layered vibrancy of the later gentle EDM section. Likely it’s all of this at once. The song’s very concept is also something refreshing, it feels new – the lyrics throughout are simple but fresh. These aren’t ideas you’re likely to have pondered before. Ethan’s gorgeously expressive and gentle vocal delivery lets the words really connect form the offset, so even before you get to that instrumental break-down, you’re entranced and involved. Which means, inevitably, you’re only going to enjoy the song more and more so as it gathers momentum and energy.

An unquestionably beautiful release that easily deserves to be heard and enjoyed by as many music fans as possible. Ethan Wood is a fine musician, a talented producer, a wonderful singer, and – evidently – a superb songwriter. Well worth a download and I can’t wait for the longer project to follow.

Download the single via Bandcamp. Look out for the upcoming album DataBass. Find & follow Ethan Wood on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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